Administration and Planning

Facilitating communication and collaboration across Projects and Cores, and assuring the most efficient distribution of resources, including pilot project funding
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Tobacco Product Characterization and Manipulation

Using manipulation and machine testing of tobacco products to determine their physical and toxic chemical properties
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Data Management and Biostatistics

Providing data management support, production of the highest-quality data, and applying state-of-the-art data analysis and statistical expertise
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Research Training and Education

Developing the next generation of broadly-educated, interdisciplinary tobacco regulatory scientists
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Toxicity Testing of New and Manipulated Tobacco Products

Defining exposures to harmful and potentially harmful constituents and assessing human use behaviors
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Research Project 1

Consumer Acceptability of Tobacco Products

Studying consumer acceptance and likelihood of adoption of smoked products through the measurement of psychological, physiological and neurocognitive effects
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Research Project 2

Exploring Tobacco Microbial Constituents and the Oral Microbiome of Tobacco Users

Using DNA sequencing to define tobacco and tobacco users' bacterial communities, and their role in the production of tobacco-specific N-nitrosomines
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Research Project 3